Epic Corner On Its Way Thanks to Two Friends

Yup! I think the most important thing about an art website is one that deals with the image gallery. I got a surprise visit from NS and YR who were in the neighborhood and we spent a lot of time talking about website, drawing, and things we can do with photoshop and some cool css and php other people have written for people to use on the web. My gallery is almost fixed, and from that point, it should be easy to manage the rest. This week was super shitty so hanging out with friends working on web design and coding with a cup of hot tea made my week better.


Lufia 2 Piece 2- 50 left

An Uglier But Similar Vega

Okay so while I was looking for some biceps to draw I can across this pic and thought this guy looked sort of like my favorite narcissistic Street Fighter character… without the tatoo… and not as pretty….



The End of the Comic DUN DUN DUN! BUT WAIT!

So I decided to change my goal to doing 52 digital illustrations of Lufia 2 throughout the course of the year instead. The cartoon gigs and school make it hard to pump out pages of this stuff. Anyways, now I want to talk about tea:

LUPICIA (Tried roughly 14 types):


Hoku- Man this stuff is awesome over several refills.


Avenue- Good

Grapefruit Green- Staple

Tsugaru Green- Staple

Apple and Berry- The fruitest one

Strawberry Vanilla- Bad

Cherry and Peach- Staple

Passion Fruit- Good


Muscat- good

Cookie- taste like grass jelly

Caramel Macchiato- like coffee

White Christmas- okay


Adiago- Good

Orzo Caramel and Honey- YUM!


Crown and Crumpet( roughly 7):

Strawberry Fields

Queen of Hearts

Grapefruit Green

After 759

Ginger Oolong

Happiness Is




GraviTEA ( 2):

African Oasis

Chocolate and Rose


Lufia 2 Page 5

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Lufia 2 Page 4

Happy late VDAY!

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